Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Office Hours Poetry

Here is what I have posted on my office doors in lieu of office hours:

Office Hour Poetry

Office Hours (a Haiku)

No I will not tell
You what is on the exam
So don’t freaking ask!

Office Hours (a Sonnet)

Professor, Professor, open your door,
The syllabus says that you’re here ‘til four!
I know you are there, I saw you before!
I’ll just be a minute, that and no more!

Please open the door, I’ll be quick, you’ll see!
I just have one question, or two, or three
A small query on the economy
Just a minute or two, and you’ll be free!

He’d heard this before, this story of woe,
The student wants just a minute or so
Sometimes it’s just a quick little hello
The professor bought it once, long, long ago

But now he’s no longer quite so naive
He knows that, once they come, they’ll never leave!

Ode to Office Hours

Office hours, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

(this space left intentionally blank)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Communist victory in Cyprus

In an election result that surprised me, the
Communist Party has won the election for president in Cyprus. What does this mean? I think it depends on just how quickly the reunification of the island happens, and the extent to which the Communist Party honors their pre-election promise to give the right-wing party control over the economy. If the reunification takes up a considerable portion of the new regime's energy and drags out for a long time, I doubt the Communists will spend much time on domestic reform. If, however, the reunification happens quickly, and they decide to get their hands dirty in Communist reform, then I fear the reunified Cyprus will wind up looking a lot more like the north part of the island (GDP per capita around $7,000US) than the south (GDP per capita around $22,000US).